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Your team probably receives emails all of the time, containing such confidential data as patient records and medical results. The emails are sent to different people; some contain medical information, while others don’t. How can you manage all these email messages securely, in one location?

ShieldQ for Healthcare’s inbound mail service handles it all for you. Register for ShieldQ’s inbound mail service, and automatically get a secure dedicated email address. We offer several ways to use this service, according to your current email network environment:

  • Use your existing domain, with content filtering tools: Apply email filtering tools with your current email servers to automatically identify and route emails to the compliant, unified ShieldQ inbox. It's simple and inexpensive to deploy.
  • Use a ShieldQ domain: You can use a dedicated mailbox, allocated by ShieldQ, that treats all incoming messages as secure, delivered to a unified queue over the TLS channel (encrypted communication channel).
  • Use a private, hosted email domain: Ensure that emails go directly into your secure ShieldQ inbox, without any intermediary actions.

Every time someone sends you an email, it’ll be directed to your secured, online ShieldQ inbox. That’s where you can

  • See when you received an email, and from whom
  • View content and attachments, use tags and custom properties to enhance metadata
  • Archive, store and retrieve the faxes at any time.
  • Forward fax securely to another fax number.
  • Upload documents to EMR and EHR systems using API - contact us for details.

Email import tool

ShieldQ protects incoming email messages containing sensitive data, but what about the hundreds of email messages stored on your mail server? Safeguard them easily with our email import tool, which enables high-speed migration of OST and PST files (from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange) into the secure ShieldQ environment, while preserving the existing folder structure.

Email Filtering

You can use email filtering tools to automatically identify sensitive content, such as payment card details, unique patient identifiers, social security number and forward these emails to ShieldQ's secured Inbox, for permissions-based sharing and storage.

The table below displays popular filtering solutions that you can use with ShieldQ.  We'll be updating this table periodically. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us.  


Vendor Service Cloud solution On-premise solution Forwarding using email address filters Forwarding using message content filters Forwarding using attachment content filters On-premise guide Cloud guide
Spamina Spamina Yes No Yes Yes Yes    
Google for Business Gmail Yes No Yes Yes Yes   Guide
TitanHQ SpamTitan No Yes Yes Yes No   Guide
Microsoft Exchange Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Guide Guide
Barracuda Campus Barracuda Email Security Gateway No Yes Yes Yes Yes Guide  
Symantec Email Security.cloud Yes No Yes Yes Yes   Guide
MailGuard MailGuard Yes No Yes Yes No   Guide
FuseMail SecureSMART email security Yes No Yes Yes Yes   Guide


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