Faxing is a time-consuming, error-prone process. How many times have you had to print a document and then wait in line to use the fax machine? And then you need to remember a number, and punch it in on the keypad.

And once the fax has finally been sent, how do you protect that printed document?

With ShieldQ for Healthcare, you can eliminate all those steps.Register for ShieldQ’s secured send fax service, and you’ll immediately be able to send documents as faxes to any number anywhere, storing the transmitted fax in a compliant environment.

It’s easy: enter the fax number, upload a document or type in your message, and submit the fax. ShieldQ keeps a record of all the faxes you sent out and, delivers the faxes under the most strictest security policies available. Receive notifications once the faxes have been completed.

Give it a try: register today for our free, 30-day trial, and start sending faxes immediately.