You probably receive faxes all the time -- from patients, providers and even other departments in your own organization. But how do you manage them? How do you keep track of all the incoming paper? And how do you know if you didn’t receive a fax that you need?

And what about the hassle of maintaining a fax machine, paper, ink and everything else relating to faxes?

ShieldQ for Healthcare relieves your worries. With ShieldQ’s fax feature you’ll automatically get a dedicated fax number --or as many fax numbers as you need. Set up call forwarding from your organization fax number or hand out the ShieldQ fax number as your own.

Every time someone sends you a fax, it’ll be uploaded directly to your secured, online ShieldQ inbox. That’s where you can

  • See when you received a fax, and from whom
  • View fax content, use tags and custom properties to enhance metadata
  • Archive, store and retrieve the faxes at any time

Give it a try: register today for our free, 30-day trial, and start receiving faxes immediately.