Cloud-based HIPAA Web-Portal

Speed, security and efficiency with a cloud-based document management system for Clinics

Accept faxes, webforms and uploaded files into a shared inbox

No more paper storage: it's all in the cloud

Get up and running quickly; no training or setup required

Faxes go straight to your secure storage space for easy access

ShieldQ’s Secure Web-portal for Uploading, Handling and Storage of Healthcare Information for Clinics.

Does this sound familiar?


Your clinic is manually handling patient health information, medical record release requests, insurance details, faxes and other forms of documentation. The manual process of collecting, detailing, secure filing and sending of files in a secure environment can be a time consuming and expensive process.


The Issues:

  • The cost of handling, storing and administering information is expensive.

  • Inefficient time management amongst employees due to manual handling of patient information.

  • Files are not stored in a safe environment.

  • Tangible patient information can get lost

  • Patient Health Information (PHI) can be accessed by unauthorized users.

  • Patient time wasted filling out repeated information to the clinic.

  • The clinic may be breaking HIPAA regulations.

  • Processing printed faxes depends on the individual to whom they are allocated


There’s a better solution:


Why not improve your processes, digitize your document management system with a HIPAA compliant portal and reduce administration costs with ShieldQ?




How ShieldQ can help:


HIPAA compliant, online fax and document management web-portal:

No more worries about manual, risk-ridden paper processes when you move to ShieldQ. We provide a secure, efficient and effective document management web-portal that complies with HIPAA standards.


Efficient time management solution:

ShieldQ will speed up the manual paper processes and stop the loss of patient information while ensuring their files, faxes and insurance details in a centralized secure cloud-based web-portal.


Centralized Online Fax Number/ Centralized Online Acceptance for Faxes and Forms

No more lost faxes, they will arrive in a shared queue through the ShieldQ web-portal. This also allows faster processing as any designated team member can manage the document.


Patient Experience

Patients do not need the additional pain of searching for and writing down their personal details every time they have to visit a clinic, It’s time-consuming. Why not digitize their experience and keep a secure record on file and on-demand with ShieldQ.


Easily deployed:

ShieldQ is a cloud-based service which requires no installation. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection.

No more paper forms: accept webforms directly into ShieldQ

Document sharing and collaboration from a centralised inbox

No more searching for physical documents: gain instant access

Receive data from multiple channels: faxes, emails, forms, uploads

ShieldQ by InterFAX is HIPAA compliant, and was the first Internet faxing company to be accredited as a Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant service provider. The company is dedicated to ensuring that its highly secure online services meet the world's most stringent privacy and security regulations, both today, and tomorrow.

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