Have you ever wanted your patients to submit their information before they arrive at reception? What if you could create customized intake forms online that patients can submit and have processed and stored securely? Then you’d have all the information ready before the patient shows up.

ShieldQ for Healthcare can let you do just that. With ShieldQ’s form upload service you can design your own web forms (or let us design them for you) -- as many as you like -- and display them on your site. Patients fill in the web form, and the data is uploaded directly into ShieldQ’s secured inbox, where you can easily manage, track, share and archive.

You can also enable patients to send you files in a secure and HIPAA compliant way. They just visit your website and easily upload files directly to you, while protecting their data.

ShieldQ for Healthcare has exactly what you need. With ShieldQ’s secure webform and document upload services, you can customize the form or page on your website to match your information and brand requirements, allowing patients to conveniently send you information directly into your HIPAA-compliant ShieldQ inbox for safekeeping, management and archiving for as long as you need.  

Give it a tryregister today for our free, 30-day trial and start receiving web forms and uploads immediately.