ShieldQ staff monitors the StackExchange WebApps Q&A site for questions related to ShieldQ.

We attempt to answer all questions within less than one business day. The StackExchange network is an amazing resource, allowing very simple posting of questions, which are then open to the entire world to answer or to learn from. Here's their screenshot tour which explains all their advantages.

To post questions there you simply log in with an existing Gmail or Google Apps account. Important: When posting ShieldQ-related questions there, be sure to tag your question with a shieldq tag, as that is what alerts us to its presence.

Good questions for posting on StackExchange

  • Questions that can be worded as "How do I...?"
  • Questions about system limitations
  • Questions about unexpected behavior

Questions that aren't suitable for posting on StackExchange

  • Questions that require you to provide your username or other personal information for us to research
  • Very specific questions, e.g. related to a specific transaction within the ShieldQ system
  • Questions about ShieldQ pricing and policies

If your question isn't suitable for posting on StackExchange, contact us directly with your query. Post your question